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The End of Bricks and Mortar ?

Not so fast – There is still an enormous appetite for connecting with people and a craving for service.

How does Bricks and Mortar distinguishes itself from on-line platforms and how does it promise to survive in the future? Bricks and Mortar are offering a platform for human connection when customer service is wanted and appreciated.

Huge strides have been made in on-line shopping but certain elements in the shopping experience are missing. The creativity of the Sales Staff in retail are an
important element and help customers find the quality and style they are looking for. In fashion retail customers are seeking advice on how to make their purchases suit their lifestyle and budget.

This advice is offered by your local fashion boutique sales staff and is missing from on-line platforms. In today’s hectic world women are looking for comfort in fashion when certain items can easily carry you through the day and evening without resorting to a huge wardrobe and hurried clothing changes. No more
buying and accumulating “stuff” but moving from fast fashion to more meaningful fashion – creating a basic wardrobe and building on it.

l) Fashion essentials include

  • A white tee,
  • Black ankle pant,
  • Pencil skirt,
  • Little black dress,
  • Perfect blazer,
  • Denim & dressy jacket
  • Silk scarf, turtle neck, wrap, & cami
  • Coat & classic trench coat in a neutral colour
  • Cashmere sweater
  • Silk blouse
  • Ballet flats, strappy sandals, pumps and black ankle boots.

This is your basic wardrobe that can be built on if needed. Layers are a must for unlimited looks and don’t forget to edit your closet by donating anything that has not been worn for several years.

2) At the beginning of the work day the basic black pant, white tee and the classic blazer will take you through the day and to any after work meeting. The dressier jacket will be most useful to have on hand to wear for a more formal event. Pumps and possibly a statement piece of jewellery will make the outfit
complete and a new fabulous outfit is created.

3) Layering is key – going from the office to a barbeque – add a denim jacket over your basic white tee and black ankle pant. A scarf adds a pop of colour and changing into your flats will complete your casual outfit.

How easy and great is that?