Women Classics since 1984

Saying Good Bye but it's not over ...

Dear Friends and Customers,

It has been a great pleasure and fun to serve all of you, and I am greatly thankful for your loyalty and encouragement over the years.

I was also lucky to have had tremendous and loyal staff, without their dedication and love for fashion, those 40 years in business would not have been possible.

I will carry on with Barbara’s Boutique in Sidney as I am most reluctant to leave the “Business of Fashion” and I am looking forward to more time in the Fashion World.

Baden-Baden Boutique LTD is delighted to transfer the building and business to W&J Wilson after July 31st 2024.

The inspiration behind Baden-Baden Boutique and 40 years of Success

Barbara Hubbard's successful career in the retail world began 30 years ago when she opened the Baden Baden Boutique on Fort Street in downtown Victoria.

Her passion for fashion and dedication to quality have propelled her business to new heights, with two stores now under her name: Baden-Baden, which specializes in high-quality European brands, and Barbara's Boutique, which offers both casual and festive garments.

As a fashionista of German heritage, Barbara has curated a unique combination of stores that focus on different designers, allowing her to blend and complement fashions to give her clientele a broader palette of options. Quality, fit, and comfort are always at the forefront of her mind, and she makes annual visits to showrooms in Europe to discover classic clothes with a modern twist that will appeal to her discerning customers.