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Saint James – Ageless Style & Iconic French Stripes

Barbara Hubbard of Baden Baden Boutique
introduced  Saint James to Victoria 20 years ago,and since then, the brand has become
a beloved staple in Vancouver Island's fashion scene known for its nautical chic and iconic stripe.


"Twenty years ago, a tall, glamorous French woman swept into my store carrying a bag of exquisite sweaters. It was then that I was first introduced to the magic of Saint Jame

The moment I laid eyes on Saint James' gorgeous clothing, I knew I had to try it for myself. I started with just 3 or 4 sweaters, but it wasn't long before my orders grew to include hundreds of sweaters, cardigans, coats, blouses, and more. To my surprise and delight, my customers responded with immense enthusiasm, making it clear that I had stumbled upon something truly special

Saint James Clothing is a true first-class product, boasting unparalleled quality and extraordinary colors that never fail to impress. It's simply superb, and I've never encountered any issues with its quality

After visiting Saint James' factory in Normandy and touring the entire facility, I was blown away by the amount of effort and dedication that goes into delivering such a first-class product. The entire village of Saint James is involved in the manufacturing process, and it's clear that they take great pride in what they do. The line itself is both classic and modern, featuring extraordinarily beautiful colors that are updated each season. It's clear that Saint James knows exactly what to do with color, and the results are simply stunning

Throughout my 20 years of dealing with Saint James, I have yet to come across a color that doesn't work. Their color palette is simply flawless, and I'm continually amazed by their ability to produce stunning colors season after season

Saint James is a beloved brand in France, where stripes are a ubiquitous fashion statement. However, what sets Saint James apart is their impeccable quality and attention to detail, making their stripes truly special and impossible to replicate. Personally, I adore their short and long cardigans, as well as their coats, but their t-shirts are also incredible - they simply never wear out. It's a testament to their quality that despite their popularity, people continue to seek out and cherish their Saint James pieces

Saint James not only produces top-quality clothing but also boasts a fantastic team behind the scenes. From my personal experience, their staff is excellent and they truly do everything right. The enthusiasm of my customers for their products is a testament to the care and attention they put into their clothing, as well as their exceptional customer service." Barbara Hubbard

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