Fashion is fun!

We have to dress every day why not have fun with it.


We have to be practical as everybody’s life is so busy and clothes will have to be versatile enough to make us look good in the morning, at work, and in the evening for special occasions.

Nowadays the designers of all brands have this in mind when they introduce new collections. We see flattering designs that allow “layered” looks that are comfortable to wear, and show contrasting colours in fabrics that can be easily packed into a suitcase for travel.


Not simply a matter of style but an art of love,
fashion should celebrate the marriage of a garment and a woman’s body.
Think elegance when choosing your next piece of clothing.

Barbara Hubbard


You will find exciting and unique fashions spread over the two stores in Sidney-by-the-Sea. From French chic to German quality to North American glamour, each store offers an astonishing selection for women of all ages.