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Simplify your wardrobe in Style

Telecommute has replaced commute,  Zoom conference has replaced face to face meeting and a remote lifestyle is becoming the norm for most professionals. In these changing times, whether you are going back to work or embrace working from home, it might be time to rethink your wardrobe.

Dress code standards have changed drastically over the last few months. Suits and dresses have become things of the past.  A casual-chic look/trend is emerging.  A polished image will keep you in a work mindset, and reduce anxiety for the unexpected Zoom meeting.

  • Pair your jeans with a blazer and a T-shirt
  • Mix chic with sporty
  • Add a high-end comfortable sweater to your dress- slacks or skirt
  • Choose solid colours

Barbara and Sharon has put together some great suggestions
Our experienced staff will help you find your personal style

Joseph Ribkoff black and white jacket paired with black pants

Joseph Ribkoff black blazer paired with Sympli T-shirts and black pants

Tommy Bahama  Aruba full zip sweatshirt with Magic Michele Pants

Joseph Ribkoff Nautical style blouse paired with Magic Michele Pants

Fitted Black Joseph Ribkoff blazer and striped pants

Classic Foxcroft white Blouse with Magic Michele Pants

Black light Joseph Ribkoff jacket, Tommy Bahama T-shirst, and Magic Michele Pants Classic Joseph Ribkoff striped pants and sleeveless blouse
Pakhurst sweater and Sympli white tank paired with Joseph Ribkoff black pants Classic Joseph Ribkoff blouse and skirt Frank Walder classic grey/green blazer paired with Magic Michele Pants