Barbara Hubbard, owner of Baden Baden Boutique Introduced
Saint James to Victoria 20 years ago!

Saint James Fall Collection 2017

“I got introduced to Saint James 20 years ago. A very glamorous, tall French woman came breezing into the store with a few sweaters in her bag. She introduced us to Saint James.

The clothing was so gorgeous, I thought I must try it. So I ordered 3 or 4 sweaters and started with that. My three sweaters became hundreds of sweaters and other items such as cardigans, coats, blouses. Over the years it got bigger and bigger. My customers responded with huge enthusiasm, I was stunned. It was wonderful!

The quality is superb. There is never anything wrong with it. Saint James Clothing is a first class product with extraordinary colours.

Iconic blue, white and red Sant James colours

I went to see the factory in Normandy. They showed me around. It was phenomenal to see what they do in order to deliver a first class product.

The whole village of Saint James works at the factory. I spent several days touring the place and was convinced that this is a magnificent line that produces excellent quality.

It’s very classic but also very modern. They know what to do with colours. They have extraordinarily beautiful colours and each season the colours are different. In the 20 years I’ve been dealing with them, I’ve never found a colour that does not work.

Warm Fall Colours 2017

They have excellent staff, and judging by my customers’ enthusiasm, they do everything right.

Saint James is hugely popular in France. Everybody produces stripes. France is full of stripes but stripes from Saint James are very special and cannot be copied. It’s the quality!

My favourite pieces are the short and long cardigans, and the coats. The t-shirts are wonderful. They never wear out. I am surprised they are still going strong because everybody’s cupboard must be full of Saint James.” Barbara Hubbard


Baden Baden Boutique in Sidney BC is the largest retailer
of Saint James clothing in Western Canada